Line-Link Purification Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Total Solution For Cleanroom System
We are a group company with 1 design center, 1 overseas center, 3 engineering companies, and 10 factories in China. We offer cleanroom total solution for the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic factories, Laboratories and hospitals, foods, etc.
We can provide turnkey project including Cleanroom design, Cleanroom system, HVAC system, Building Management system,Environment Management System, Electricity, CCTV, Fire alarm system, Testing & Commissioning,Water treatment system(Purified water, Water for injection, Pure steam), Pipes hookup for connecting all process machines to the utility machines, Injectable, and oral liquid filling equipment line, Autoclave. For cleanroom parts, we can offer cleanroom panels, doors, windows, Medium filters, HEPA filters, pass box, weighing booths(Sampling & Dispensing),

Laminar air flows, Air showers, Stainless steel furniture, Cleanroom telephones, LED Lights, etc. For raw materials, we can offer Rockwool(Both plate or coil) using for the insulation of the exterior wall and petroleum pipe.
We are the strongest cleanroom product supplier in China with high quality and huge capacity. And also the first company having projects in the USA

and Europe.

Group Structure
Wu Jiang Lin Sen Air Purification Engineering Co., Ltd
Engineering office
Wu Han LinSen Air Purification Engineering Co., Ltd
Factory Base 2
Tian Jin LinSen Air Purification Board Industry Co.,Ltd
Factory Base 3
Wu Han LinTai Purification Technology Co., Ltd
Factory Base 1
Wujiang LinSen Air Purification Plates Co.,Ltd
SuZhou Fresh Air Technology Co., Ltd
Overseas Center
Line-Link Purification Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Design Center
Henan Pharmaceutical Design Institute Co., Ltd

Wujiang Linsen Purification  Equipment Co., Ltd
Suzhou Rongsen Purification Engineering Co., Ltd
Line-Link Autoclave Industry Co.,Ltd
Line-Link Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd
Line-Link Processing Equipment Co., Ltd
Factory Base 4
Taizhou Linsen Rockwool Co., Ltd
Chengdu Line-Link Air Purification Plates Co., Ltd
Factory Base 5
Factory Base 6